Loyalty Card

  • Loyalty Card = 20% Off for life! Unlimited use in store and online!
  • No time limit! When your receipts add up to £80, even if you buy just one item a year, you will  be regarded as a loyal customer!
  • Applies to all purchases made in the past too in any of the branches or online.
  • Apply by bringing your receipts to any branch, emailing them to loyalty@crystalchain.com or sending them to Crystal Chain, 8 Shrieves Walk, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 6GJ.
  • Do you not like keeping receipts or do you always lose them? No problem! Just take a picture of them!
  • Please include your name and address, so we can post the card to you! Alternatively you are welcome to pick it up from any of the stores.