Ring size guide

Ring size chart

ring sizes

We thank the National Association of Goldsmith for this information and table.

Please note!

When buying a ring take it under consideration the size of the knuckle, the temperature and the type of the ring.
We advise to try rings when your hands are cold. Large stones tend to turn on the finger if it is a loose fit. If you buy a ring when your hands are warm, it might slip off your finger in the cold or catch and scratch items or people if it is on the side of your palm.
Do not be scared if it seems stuck! There are plenty of methods to take them off, but first of all try putting your hands under cold water.
Do not wash the dishes in them! Washing liquids may contain harmful chemicals what reacts with the silver and you may end up damaging the surface of the silver or observe discolouration. Please remember, anything harming a metal is damaging to your skin too!